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Senior managers , experts and personnel of Zaravang Holding based on belief policy and main objectives which are identified , could achieve to these value results and as an intellectual property of organization promote its culture in Zaravang Holding and its subsidiary companies :

  • Thriving Business: commitment to improve and thriving Holding and making high economical benefits in the way of described objectives
  • Profit: efforts to create economic growth, increasing earnings, reducing additional costs which could lead to profitability in Holding.
  • Adherence: compliance with applicable requirements of the convention and professional engineer career
  • Objectively: determination of objectives and create motivation in order to make job innovation and achieve them
  • Quality: best performance in all activities and consider to national & international standards.
  • Customer-oriented: serious considering to needs and customer ideas and trying to improve their satisfaction
  • Spirit of cooperation and collaboration
  • Promote a process approach in carrying out activities
  • Consider to participation and empowering of personnel
  • Create common values and reinforce of trust culture
  • Continuous Improvement:qualitative and quantitative improvement in systems and work processes
  • Social Responsibility: commitment to social responsibility
  • Commitment to environmental protection: requirement investigating environmental aspects of projects
  • Preservation of culture:development of Iranian – Islamic culture in designing & performing projects
  • Laws: commitment to compliance with laws and regulations , keep Holding assets
  • Learning: creating spirit learning and maintain it in all personnel levels
  • Supporting of individual & professional growth of personnel
  • Sharing and transfer knowledge and technical experiences among managers and personnel: creating a balance and identifiable work turnover in order to transferring max experiences and earned knowledge
  • Result-oriented: achieving to desirable results and attract maximum attention of all stakeholders equally

Profession Ethics: observe honesty in words and deeds , commitment to organizational discipline and work ethics , maintain and company’s position in relationship between customers and stakeholders