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Business Plan

Zaravng Holding provides codification services of types of technical and economic feasibility by aim of giving consulting services to investors who are required to bank facilities due to implementing their plan.

When we agree to attract agreement with investor or other institute lender for investment or giving facilities, so we should be able to introduce our plan from different aspects, it’s operating, beneficial and profitable and supports it.

So it’s needed to give report as the title of this plan or feasibility study about technical, financial and economical aspects of project.

These reports in fact are simplest way of reporting which are included four main subjects, which is based on sensitivity of investors & banks. Of course, detailed parts would be introduced separately but their nature is not out of the three categories.

  • Plan introduction and technical studies
  • Market studies
  • Economical and financial investigation


The main application of feasibility plans, giving them to banks or other credit sources in order to achieve facilities. This kind of feasibility plans included of determined and introduced title, material contained in a relatively detailed and complete. The minimum number of these pages for a small project (by investment less that 10 million dollars) and by usual technology, these studies is included about 100 till 200 pages of useful subject except documents and appendix. The most complete form which is introduced as regards with collection manual and reports related to industrial & mining banks. Some of institutions and other banks require applicants to submit their proposals in the format provided.

Projects before arriving to implementation or receiving facilities are required different levels such as receiving kind’s licenses and agreement from offices or related ministry. It’s obviously that these institutions due to awareness of project specification need to receiving information and applicant documents related to that project.

This information out of that framework, is not a feasibility plan but preparation of the plan and investigation of it is required time spending and much more costs.

So institutions in accordance with their responsibility , should be designed the least information which is needed about that project as a determined form or questionnaire and applicants should complete them by extracting information of the plan.