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Results of analyzing in the collection of Zaravang Holding in field of energy shows noticeable increasing energy demands and dominant role of oil and gas in it. Predictions show that increasing of oil demand during 20 future years, is more than 2 times of 20 past years and natural gas is as selected fuel of present century has the most growing in the energy.

Among these, Iran by having more that 151 billion saved oil barrels recoverable and 33 trillion M3 of saved gas, from the Hydrocarbon sources has the top level among other countries in the world.

Due to this special position of Iran in international field, suitable pattern of economical development based on oil from before, has been implemented and continuous till now that the energy strategy subject is one of the main priorities in the oil Ministry.

In this regards, energy part of Zaravang Holding put forward its focus on implementing activities in the line of government in the gas or oil filed which some of them are developing with neighbors such as Iraq, Kuwait, Arabia, UAE and Oman.