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Zaravng Holding is believed that the way of exporting, is the only way for using of optimal facilities in our country and exit of economical downturn.

Exporting from scientific aspect and practical in all countries is needed for foreign trade development and international economical relationship.

The aim of export development and international economical relationship in all countries, is using of these relationship for economical improvement , receiving continuing economic growth , increasing level of life and people welfare in job condition near to complete and relatively constant of prices and increasing national money. Sustainable development export is one of the most important aims of national aims in economical field.

Because of that the main axis of future development in the country is based on non-oil, engineering and production & services growth, so this process by consider to globalization, is required open economy. Non – oil exporting development should be based on continuous growth of technical and engineering services and products.

Zaravang Holding by the aim of employment and log in foreing currency to country and also increasing advantage competitive in export field such as governmental and private parts in knowledge and technology services and implementing constructing projects, products of upstream industry (energy, oil and gas, petroleum, mining, iron or technical equipments in industry) to neighbors is ready for cooperation and giving services to you.