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Feasibility Study

Zaravabg Holding provides final feasibility services in order to improve investment inland & overseas by enjoying of expert’s ability.

Final feasibility study, after the genesis of the project and define the overall framework from aspect of project specification, capacity and the amount of investment. These studies based on need and demand of employers and customers could be entered in different level of details.


Generally In these studies in accordance with project dimensions , the following elements would be considered:

  • Determining the project site
  • Determine the project site options in selected site for implementing plan
  • Compare and prioritize different options of plan site and provide a report about selecting the plan site
  • Basic engineering studies and preliminary design
  • Review and complete the initial data for the atmospheric conditions ,geological structure and cognitive water , infrastructure facilities to the project including water resources , energy resources , manpower resources , transportation systems , source of raw material
  • Basic engineering studies and designing of raw materials and process
  • Layout and arrangement of the units, systems, equipment of plan
  • Preliminary engineering design including process engineering ,initial design of systems and mechanical equipments, initial design of plumping , initial design of construction and infrastructure, initial design of systems and electrical equipments, initial design of control and instrumentation of systems
  • Providing lists of main items of all units, systems and different parts of plan involved material list and their amount , equipments and machines , instruments in project
  • Determination of implementing strategy of plan
  • Determination of option due to separation of plan into independent projects with common and determined parts with each other
  • Determination of dividing work options among consultants, builders and contractors
  • Prioritize implementing options by considering to their implementing capabilities as available , timing plan of project and its cost
  • Providing schedule of plan through separation of projects for activities , engineering services, supplies and logistic supplies , quality control, construction (included constructing& installing operation) , financial, provide human sources for utility and establishment period.
  • Estimating cost of foreign exchange investment in projects according to plan

Preparation and presentation of the final feasibility stage.