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Infra Structure

Capital cities in 21th century due to continuity life and dynamics need to availability to various services.

Giving these services itself need to various infrastructure. Increasing demand to services, total development in all dimensions because that urban infrastructure would be a requirement.

Brief view to the list of infrastructure and importance and its positions in urban and construction subjects and related planning show that:

–         Transfer infrastructure such as different types of streets , highways, underpass and flyover, termination or main station of public transfer such as subway station , rail and bus lines and also airports located in cities


–         Relationship infrastructure such as telecommunication mast , equipment and communication installation in urban texture and equipment & installation related to mobile phone

–         Infrastructure related to critical sources of city such as infrastructure of drinking water , treatment plant , air and surface water resources

–         Infrastructure in order to provide electricity such as rig, air and ground cabling and electric posts

–         Infrastructure for gas such as post regulating and other related equipment of it


Zaravang Holding is believed that design , implementation and creating each of these urban infrastructure in two measurement in terrestrial and underground could cause changing in relationship among them and other different urban parts.

So relationship between infrastructures and urban landscape is no exception.

This is a bilateral relationship that first it would be investigate to the role and position of urban infrastructure in urban view and second, pay attention to the role and position of landscaping in planning and implementing them.