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Now in the country, there is more than 40 hectares old urban texture particularly by considering to earthquake- prone cities in Iran, this subject is as social, economical and human challenge especially for capital cities in our country. This subject causes some problems in urban services, safety against natural disasters; maintain heritage area in old texture.

Subject of old texture is one of the effective element on main body and urban environment performance which now is one of the most important factor in confusion and lack of coordination in present textures in cities.

These textures because of poverty and weak owners are not being able to reconstruct by it. So they need to a complete interface from economical, cultural, structural and environmental view till they help to reconstruct them till could provide improving background in these areas for citizens.

In this regards, Zaravang Holding is believed that the optimum solution for reconstructing urban life is based on professional building.


Improvement of economical , social and environmental conditions in cities are related to each other and is included wide range of activities:

Regeneration and viability in old textures, renovation of buildings, artificial environments and also reconstruction of buildings which their useful life is over.


So the main objectives of Zaravang Holding due to participating in construction and urban and particularly mass- constructing of house are categorizes as following:

  • Creating relationship by related professional committees inside and outside of country
  • Encouragement to professional building and making suitable background for investments and mass-building of house
  • Cooperation with policy- maker of this part in implementing control policies for log in non-professional builders in mass-building activities by aim of improving quality in house production and maintain national interests
  • Distributing national policy in housing and optimization , cheap storage , developing new innovation and increasing constructs in house production
  • Cooperation & collaboration and trying to correct rules and regulations and do needed work in order to facilitates work and safety in mass building activity and house investment
  • Developing and training last technological phenomenon and distribution suitable patterns due to maintain beneficiaries interests and keep residential units
  • Planning due to improve and develop investment jobs and mass production in house and depended jobs
  • Making suitable solutions for enjoying of professions sub-set of mass-building
  • Receiving required licenses for importing or exporting knowledge and technical technology , instrumentation , machines , equipments and all related goods to Mass-building by having formal licenses