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Pre-Feasibility Study

Zaravang Holding is providing preliminary feasibility study services by aim of identifying investment priorities in plans & projects and enjoying of professional experts for responding to applicants.

In pre-Feasibility study, general specifications of project would usually when the investor is faced to different multiple options, would be considered.

In these studies consistence with project dimensions , generally some elements as follow would be considered:

  • Review, revise and announce the formation of an opinion on the project
  • Identify and analyze technical options
  • Identify and analyze options for the project site
  • Identify and analyze technology plan option
  • Identify and analyze options for implementing the method
  • Identify and priority technical options in plan involved of options for plan site, technical options and options of implementing method of plan
  • Preparation of a preliminary implementation schedule for the various technical options of scheme
  • Financial and economic analyze of technical options of plan
  • Determine the rules governing on determination of costs and revenue plan
  • Estimate costs each of the technical options of plan according to separating structure of quantitative & None- quantitative costs
  • Estimating incomes of each of the technical options of plan based on the structure of quantitative & None- quantitative income
  • Analyze cost- income and economical priority of technical options in plan
  • Analyze sensitivity each of options against to price change, prolonged period of implementation , changes in accessibility , the amount of production or services as results of different options , determination uncertainly estimated and revising in economical priorities of options
  • Economical analyze of technical options in plan
  • Estimate costs and quantitative income of each technical options based on market prices , by considering to their tax
  • Analyze sensitivity of estimates against to price changes, prolonged period of implementation, changes in accessibility and the amount of production or services as result of different options and determination their grade of uncertainly.
  • Financial analyze each technical options of plan and their priority
  • Social investigation and assessment their consequences each of the options
  • Technical – economical- financial assessment of different options of plan and prioritize them

Provide report of pre-feasibility study of plan