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Zaravang Holding as a collection of multiple subsidiary companies in an Iranian economical firm in the investments, trade & commerce, urban development, consultation, design and engineering and supplies and project operation in different fields of energy, industry, housing, automation is active in West Asia and Persian Gulf Area. Since the establishing in 2012, with the name of “Zaravang Co” has been started its work in home & industrial automation. It could overcome on the competitive market by performing more than 10000 big house& industrial projects.

The aim of Zaravang Holding establishment is constructing a suitable & integrated background in order to identify the fields of investment & commerce, management, high supervisory, operating big projects inside and outside of Iran, remove technical& engineering needs in production field for house and building through engineering & scientific organization and technologies based on IT.

Consider to variety of missions in Zaravang Holding and necessity to separate assigned projects, these projects as committee decision would assign to each of the professional subsidiary Holding Co.

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