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Today in the world, importance of “foreign buy” is not covered for people and most of the countries in the world due to varieties production items in different areas have trade relationship with each other.

Creating these relationship need to identifying by entering goods , goods providing sources, knowing payment condition, union regulation and rules, document credits, varieties of transfer insurance, goods investigation, transfer documents , bill of loading, bailing, inspection certification and clearance procedure.

Zaravang Holding by having professional experts and experienced personnel and using of last strategic information, could help to you in all customs affairs (fees, rules, regulations, instructions…) and give you services. Also Zaravang Holding in order to creating improvement and correct utility of economical opportunities and business in plans and defined projects in its field of activity for giving all designing and collecting programs in business, trade landscape, identifying market, receiving international representatives for companies, organization and national institutes and other active institutes in this market could give the best services to you. Also wide range of services related to import& export is provided for honorable employers.