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Tech & Fin. Evaluation

Technical and economical investigation studies by use of KAMFAR software, international simulation tool and analyzing financial process in investment projects by United nations industrial development organization UNIDO and individuals , production companies or consulting due to estimate Risk projects and also determination financial &economical indicators and investment plans use of them. Zaravang Holding by utility of top experience of scientific group of consultants and professional experts in feasibility studies in different projects and doing plans in fields of construction and energy, oil, gas or petroleum industries, mass building and planning, industry and mining.…is able to investigate economical aspects in investment plans due to honorable employers as bank or credit institution requirements by using of KAMFAR software during short time by high quality.


Description of provided services in doing of economical and technical investigation studies of plans and projects


–         Financial assessment

–         Estimating fixed investment

–         Estimating invest in turnover

–         Estimating production annual cost

–         Estimating annual depreciation on investments

–         Estimating of all needed investments of plan

–         Estimating finished price as breakdown cost

–         Determination of sources of financing of plan and its financial cost

–         Analyze income and plan cost

–         Determination of loss- profit performance of plan for all investment and stock

–         Assessment and economical analyze

–         Determination of net cash for investment

–         Determination of net current value

–         Determination of rate and period of domestic returning of total investment

–         Determination of rate and period of domestic returning for stakeholders

–         Determination of period return on investment

–         Analyzing of point- to –point

–         Do analyzing project sensitivity

–         Introducing economical and financial risks and their consequences

–         Analyzing financial rates

–         Budgeting of plan

–         Estimating of project price

–         Determination of stock state for stakeholders

–         Analyzing interaction effects of plan

–         Preparation of financial provision

–         Investigating of combining stakeholders